Stock Exchange Listings Corporate Update: Ecoland International, Inc. — An Organic Fertilizer Company

Corporate Update: Ecoland International, Inc. — An Organic Fertilizer Company

CHANDLER, Ariz., Oct. 20, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ecoland International, Inc. (OTCBB:ECIT), a Nevada Incorporated Company, is proud to announce a Corporate Update. Ecoland is in the business of developing deposits and supplying organic fertilizer, specifically, Dry Bar Cave Bat Guano from deposits within Southern Africa, with special interest within Angola and Mozambique. With the expansion of organic farming, and the increased demand for organically grown fruits and vegetables from consumers in South Africa, Europe, Asia, and the United States, bat guano fertilizer is becoming a valuable commodity. The commercial fertilizer market is a multi-billion dollar industry, which remains one of the target industries for Ecoland International, in addition, the home gardening market remains over a $90 billion industry of which the packaged and branded Ecoland Guano are marketed. Ecoland International has a license to distribute an estimated 384,000 tons of high grade guano from the Sociaf properties in Angola, which is considered a slow release fertilizer, which saves valuable time and money for farmers, since the use of it helps avoid multiple fertilizer applications. Ecoland endeavours to expand licenses and acquisitions of organic fertilizers and Guano deposits within Africa and internationally for distribution globally. Ecoland has keen interest in distributing to the large EU and Asian markets due to the favourable tax-free and duty free policies for organic fertilizers.

Nutrient Quality of Ecoland Organic High-Grade Phosphorus Fertilizer

The nutrients found in dry bar cave bat guano are the same that are artificially added to modern chemical fertilizer, including nitrogen, phosphates, potassium, calcium and magnesium. As an added bonus, bat guano also contains other beneficial trace elements that are non-chemical and are naturally occurring through the breakdown process, with no man-made interventions. Dry Bar Cave Bat Guano is a natural product and contains no synthetic chemicals used in general fertilizers and is suited to organic farming that requires only naturally occurring products be used to produce organic crops.

The chemical nutrient value of Ecoland Guano’s Angolan property has been reported by PHOSYN Laboratories 2004 as:

Element Amount
Organic Matter % 5.5
Ph 6.9
Dry Matter % 90
Ash % 81.3
Sulphur Total % 5.87
Boron Total mg/kg 27.8
Zinc Total mg/kg 2,312
Iron Total % 0.94
Phosphorus Total % 8.26
Nitrogen Total % 2.45
Calcium Total % 11.88
Copper Total mg/kg 606
Manganese Total mg/kg  1,382>
Potassium Total % 1.21
Magnesium Total % 4.46

How much Guano does Ecoland currently have rights to?

Ecoland International, Inc. has access to in excess of est. 384,000 tons or +/- 25 years supply. At US$850 per ton ( dry bar cave bat guano that is over US$326 million est. worth of fertilizer. At 9.99 GBP per kilo for the gardening market, the retail value of such Guano is estimated at over 3.8 billion GBP est or at today’s currency exchange, just under US$6 billion est for the lifespan of the supply.

Ecoland International is endeavouring to acquire and secure additional properties for organic fertilizers, as Dry Bar Cave Bat Guano cannot be made, the deposits must be found, acquired, and managed.

What market does Ecoland currently cater to?

The Global Fertilizer Market: A multi-billion dollar market that consists of such other public companies as Potash Corp of Saskatchewan Inc (which recently had a takeover bid by BHP Billiton for just over $38 billion), organic Asian fertilizer companies such as Yongye International (YONG), China Green Agriculture, Inc. CGA, and others that focus on the humic acid and organic fertilizer market. Ecoland International is unique in its pure application of organic fertilizer from the African Continent in the form of slow release natural high-grade phosphorus fertilizer. Within China there is estimated 10.1 people to every acre of arable land, within Europe there are 5.3 people to every acre of arable land, and within the US, there are 1.3 people to every acre of arable land. The UN sees the global population swelling from 6.8 billion today to 9.1 billion in four decades. Naturally, that kind of growth also calls for food increases and greater demand for one of the major aids in growing crops: Fertilizer.

Gardening and Outdoor Living Market: The global gardening and outdoor living market in 2008 had a value of $167.5 billion (bn) and this is forecasted to have a value of $183.1 billion (bn) in 2013, an increase of 9.3% since 2008. The Global market consists of the Americas at $ 65.4 bn (39.0%), Europe at $65.8 bn (39.3%) and Asia-Pacific at $36.3 bn (21.7%).

“Given the size of the fertilizer market and home gardening market, and Ecoland’s continued sales and marketing to grow within the UK and China, we estimate that the company can find growth and expansion naturally in the Organic market. Especially with the current interest in the fertilizer market in general with the bid to purchase Potash Corp (POT) by BHP Billiton, we hope the Organic Fertilizer market will get the same exposure and attention it deserves as a green alternative. Already within Europe and China, we are capable of shipping duty-free and tax free based on favourable Country policies to increase interest in organic products like ours,” said David Wallace, CEO of Ecoland International, Inc.

Forward Looking Statement

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