Welcome to New Zealand Broker, a subsidiary of LicensedBank.com, specializing in the building and development of financial institutions globally. Our firm has developed a series of Banks globally within Comoros, Belize Bank Licenses, Gambia Bank Licenses, South African Bank Licenses, Ghana Bank Licenses, New Zealand Financial Service Providers and Brokers, and various other markets.

If you are looking to develop an Offshore Financial Service Provider, start a Bank, or build a Brokerage House in New Zealand. Our expert team has built over 15 New Zealand Stock Brokers. In addition, we have been able to:

  • Set-up trading systems for the brokerage houses for trading on over 120 markets
  • Integrate a sophisticated and qualified investor registry
  • Include back office support and location if necessary
  • Supply local staff in whichever language necessary, English, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, etc
  • Swift Message registration, Corresponding Bank Accounts, and Clearing
  • Recognition as a Broker Dealer for sponsoring companies on the GXG Markets, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Euronext, LSE, and Seychelles
  • Ability to develop and send Safe Keeping Receipts
  • Assistance with setting up local agencies of the Broker Dealer in other Countries
  • Broker Dealer software hosting and branding

Contact info@licensedbank.com for more information!