Who do you use to trade, TD, Etrade, Questrade?

Back in the day, people often asked what is the best way that they can invest in a public company. I often said, go to a financial advisor or go to Etrade and set-up an account for yourself, and you can trade stock. For most Canadians, it was difficult to set-up a US account and or they couldn’t set-up an account at that time with Etrade, and therefore the next best service in line was Questrade.com. They always had affordable trades and it was easy to use according to individuals who signed up there. Therefore, Etrade is probably the easiest for US citizens, and for Canadian Citizens, I like Questrade. What are your thoughts on this matter? Who do you use and why?

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“For anyone who is looking to switch to a new broker or looking for their first broker is to take their time and research their options to make sure they are getting the best fit for their needs. Canadian Capitalist and Million Dollar Journey are both excellent resources for this information so go to their sites and do a search on “discount brokerages” for information.” Four-Pillars.ca