Venture Capital and Full Service Go Public Process For Companies Looking To IPO and Raise Capital!

For over 20 years, the International Financial Exchange and Banking Group ( as a consortium has been listing firms through the well-known brands of OTC Listings (for US OTC stock exchange Listings), FSE Listings (for Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings), London Stock Exchange Listings (For listing on the LSE), AIM Stock Exchange (For listing on the Alternative Integrated Markets), Global Stock Exchange Listings (GXG UK Markets), Berlin Listings (For Berlin Stock Exchange Listings).

In short, only a few consortiums have listed as many small to medium sized firms onto stock exchange listings globally as IFXBG and its partnerships. Over 1,000 companies globally have been listed within the consortium, with over 3,000 including dual listings.

If you are looking to go public and raise capital, we can list firms in 5-10 days on European Stock Exchange markets and have over 10 Billion euro in venture capital and debt financing to offer through our Luxembourg Fund. See if you qualify by contacting us today!

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We are a registered Bank, Brokerage firm, and Luxembourg Fund, we can facilitate your capital raising needs and going public requirements. Contact us today Market Maker