Public Listings On the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE Listings)

Why are companies actively seeking consultants for a public listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE) is because of the ability to raise from 2 to 15+ million Euros immediately thereafter from European pension funds, hedge funds, selling groups and private investors.

The total amount that can be raised will be based on the valuation of the Company. The financing occurs very quickly after trading commences on the Exchange. European private and institutional funds are actively seeking investments in newly listed public companies, and the process is rapid as compared to other Designated Offshore Exchange (DOE) venues.

A Frankfurt exchange listing is the first step on the road to becoming a public company, with the opportunity to dual-list in the future, either in the U.S. or Dubai.

The Benefits

There are numerous benefits to a Frankfurt Exchange listing:

– Increased trading volume and market capitalization,
– Addition of new shareholders,
– Capital raising opportunities,
– Raise brand or services awareness,
– No restrictions on insider sales,
– Becoming a truly global player,
– Sometimes only 4 – 6 weeks from application to approval for trading,
– Low cost to value realized and low annual fees.

In addition, further fundraising is possible through the listing, depending on valuation level of the client company.