OTCBB Companies for Sale and Listing Information To Go Public on the OTC Market

Listing Information To Go Public

5 OTCBB Companies For Sale

We currently have available an inventory of 5 OTCBB companies for sale. 3 are in the mineral sector, one is in the solar power sector, and the last one is an industrial company.

  • 2 of the companies are asking $260k for their firm
  • 2 of the firms are asking $320k for their firm
  • 1 is asking $220k for their firm, due to delivery reasons

If you are interested in details with regards to the inventory on www.otclistings.com, please contact info@otclistings.com and we will establish whether you are qualified to purchase one of the firms.

Primarily you must have funds in escrow, a clean record individually, and a description of your business or the company of which the intention is to take public via the transaction.


Industry Classification: Public Shell Companies

All OTC Companies are generally listed on the Pink sheet platform as well. The difference is that the OTCBB listings are reporting public companies versus the Pink sheet Listing which simply doesn’t have to be. (Although it doesn’t mean they are not.)

Otcbb companies are generally sought after because the firms all for reverse mergers and acquisition of assets in a format less intensive than the reverse merger, reverse takeover, and reverse acquisition rules on exchanges like the TSX, NASDAQ, AIM, ASX, Euronext, NYSE etc. There is also a huge amount of volume traded on the OTCBB, thus a retail market exists for selling shares in your newly formed or purchased company used to Go Publc. Go Public LLCs or PLCs in the UK often are barried with a variety of different merger and acquisition protocals from a Board Level that can take 14-20 days, however with US OTCBB companies in states such as Nevada and Delaware, the mergers are easier to achieve due to the Board control and shareholder meeting rules for approving such activities.

Often the OTCBB stocks to buy are directly related to such mergers as the share value of the penny stocks after mergers usually gives high returns to the initial investors. There are whole investment communities and investor groups dedicated to watching for such transactions.

Less and less market makers are willing to deal with Pink Sheet companies, and therefore, OTCBB companies have become more valuable, hence the OTC Companies for sale. Often referred to as OTC Shells for sale, but they are real companies with operations, not the actual definition of a public shell company or the definition by the SEC. A public shell by definition doesn’t have operations, when purchasing an OTCBB company for sale for a reverse merger, it is into an operating company. You may be taking over the whole company, but it really is not a shell, its a company. Many people still however refer to them as OTCBB shells.

OTC Listings also specializes not only in advising with reverse merger and shell transactions for going publc, but the entire go public process from beginning to end for listing on the US OTCBB and all of the OTC listing requirements. We can take your firm public go public by listing with HTTP://WWW.OTCLISTINGS.COM

We know how to go public and build a successful public company on the OTCBB.

In addition, we have OTCBB shells for sale, so contact us today! info@otclistings.com