OTC Listings: 3 Key Providers for Going Public on the OTCBB

OTC Listings: 3 Key Providers for Going Public on the OTCBB

Within the last 12 months, I have observed several competent companies and teams for assisting private companies to go public. If you are interested in going public, we actually have the contact information for the companies listed below:

  1. A Seattle Based Law Firm Seattle Washington. Within 2009, this law firm ranked as one of the highest S-1 filers in the Country. His professional and diligent approach and affordable rates have allowed him to rank as one of the top firms in our scale for legal services when going public. (Ask info@otclistings.com for contact information as the Lawyer requested not to publish his information.)
  2. Belmont Partners, Washington, VA. The firm has closed 9 transactions within 2009 and continues to market itself aggressively with competitive pricing, and minimal upfront payments. Here is an example of an advertisement for their public vehicles. http://belmontpartners.net/terms/
  3. OTC Listings.com This firm has been advertising OTCBB or Pink Sheets for a total cost of only $40,000 with only $12,500 down payment! In addition, they have an impressive inventory of public companies for sale.

Of our analysis, both The Law Firm and OTCListings offer services to file new registrations and companies, building the public company over an allotted timeframe. However, OTCListings.com has offered access to OTCBB companies and Pinksheets, but their primary advertising is in the creation of companies at this time.

Belmont Partners has public companies for sale and focuses on reverse mergers and takeovers (RTO).

RTO’s allow the company to have a trading symbol immediately upon purchase of the services.

When buying a public company, generally one must consider the shares delivered, indemnifications for past debts and liabilities, and the reputation of the firm. Ensure you communicate clearly and have the advice of a lawyer that represents your interests.

If you are interested in going public by any of these firms, or would like to ask questions about the process and are unsure of who and where you want to go public contact us.