OTC BB Stock Exchange Listings services for the US and Foreign Companies

The OTCBB has had over 18 listings thus far for September and it is only September 20th 2010. Listings have been consistent over 2010, and the recent number of OTC Listings suggests that it is a good time to begin preparing for a listing on the OTCBB. You may be looking for an OTCBB shell for sale, or an OTC Pinksheet shell for sale which you can send your requests and interests to our website, but the real reason we are writing to the market is to remind you that OTC Listings is one of the leading consortiums for listing companies on the OTCBB.

Building an OTCBB company takes the skill to be able to write a comprehensive S1 with competent legal and accounting advisors to ensure the steady pace of answering comments and completing the Form 211 filing and approval.

The process starts with building a NASDAQ ready company, which is simply put:

–          Incorporate the company

–          File bylaws and articles

–          Obtain material agreements and assets

–          Write the S1

–          File the S1 with Lawyer and Audited Financials

This is known as step one of the process. The total cost including Legal work, Auditor, SEC filing, Comments, and any filing or amendment work entailed. This can be broken down for you invoice by invoice so that it is clear the money pays specifically for services delivered.

The Process Of Going Public

The Going Public Process on the OTCBB entails engaging the transfer agent, attracting 30+ investors who subscribe to the S1 registration, engaging the market maker, and filing the Form 211 with FINRA. This is known as step 2 within the going public process. This stage costs an additional $15,000 which covers all of the aforementioned services and connections made. It also includes the legal with regards to FINRA questions and amendments based upon their requirements of further disclosure. Upon acceptance by FINRA, a trading symbol is granted and the company is public.

DTC Eligibility

The third and final process that most companies and clients would like to have is the DTC eligibility. One of your 30 plus shareholders will need to deposit their shares within the US, and apply through the transfer agent and related service providers affiliated with DTC for eligibility to trade the shares. This is a relatively easy and painless process that is more of a formality. The process does involve more than what was simply explained above, but it’s not very difficult but the back log in DTC can take up to 2 months to get eligible.

At OTCListings.com we have developed a series of questions and forms that we walk clients through to effectively and quickly write an S1. The process is our consulting fee, in addition, we have a second stage process for filing the 15c211 which ensures few comments and covers all aspects of the business in question.

Our legal team is within the top 15 lawyers within the United States for IPOs in 2009, and as far as our PCAOB registered Auditor, we have a great team of companies to work with who charge a flat rate for the S1.

In general, the estimated costs for going public include:

Legal fees

PCAOB Registered Auditor

S1 Consultant and 15c211 consultant

filing fees for S1 and related material filings

 incorporation with the guidance of legal specialized in IPOs

Transfer Agent

Market Maker due diligence consultant

Market Marker, as the due diligence is completed the 15 c211 is filed

filing fees related to 15c211 and amendments and changes

There are some cases that are more complicated than others, however, we have a strong team and we manage the costs closely.

We work in the most honest fashion possible, everything goes into a lawyers trust account, and the funds are only removed when invoiced for services delivered. Therefore, nothing extra is ever added and there is no huge windfalls for us as consultants accept for a success fee, we are providing a service and hope to gain additional referrals from our good work. We can refer symbols and filings to show the work done and success of our team upon request of serious clients. Our straight forward approach is clearly acceptable and to the standard of the industry, who’s rules we follow with precision.

If you are interested, I can have a consultant who writes the S1s call and begin a qualifying process, also, we highly recommend if you are thinking of going public that we incorporate your company for you with articles and bylaws vetted by our legal team sooner than later.

Contact info@otclistings.com or http://www.otclistings.com