Is your company at risk of not meeting the requirements of the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX Listings), New Zealand Stock Exchange, or possibly you are already delisted?

Is your company at risk of not meeting the requirements of the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX Listings) or possibly you are already delisted?

Don’t worry this isn’t the end of the world, and we have a solution for you which may turn-out better for your firm and shareholders in the long run versus listing on the ASX or other alternatives… we are going to help you move your firm to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange within the next 4-5 weeks with a capital raising strategy to help your business once you are listed! 

Approximately 10,000 companies have been delisted from the Australian Stock Exchange (or the state-based exchanges), Newcastle Stock Exchange, Bendigo Stock Exchange and the New Zealand Stock Exchange over the past 100 odd years, or have had their name changed.

How can your firm obtain a listing on the Frankfurt Stock Market within only 4-5 weeks… because your firm has had over $500,000 Australian Dollars invested into it during its lifespan as an Australian Public Company trading on the ASX or NZX, thus, you have achieved the money-in or capital-in investment requirement for listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Why list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and why is it superior to the alternatives?

  • The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the world’s third largest trading center for securities and Germany’s largest exchange.
  • German investors, both institutional and private, who have held back from investing for many years by government restraints and their own conservatism, are now actively searching for small to mid-size Australian, U.S. and Canadian companies to invest in.
  • The German Frankfurt Exchange has a primary market consisting of more than 100 million people, and has the fastest rate of growth and the highest income per head in the EU.
  • European investors invest for the long term. And in most European countries there are major tax benefits for holding on to purchased stock for a certain amount of time as opposed to “dumping” it immediately into the market. The lack of investors that instantly sell a company’s stock allows for stability in stock price and opportunities for growth. Compared to the listing on other exchanges, such as the NASDAQ, OTC Bulletin Board, Canadian Venture Exchange (TSX) or the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in London, Frankfurt stands out because of the ease of entry, (Audited financials are not required), fast process and low annual fees.
  • Today, with a total turnover of €5.2 trillion per year the Frankfurt Stock Exchange strengthens its position as the world’s 3rd largest trade-place for stocks and the world’s 2nd largest by market capitalization.

Don’t become concerned if it looks like you are dropping off from an ASX or NZX Listing requirement, when you can reorganize your current ASX listing in its current state for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

If the €60,000 consulting fee is in access of the available capital within the company, consider merging with a firm that has the capital or discuss financing options with to establish the required funds. If you are interested in assistance in reorganizing your Australian Publicly Listed company and establish a listing on the Frankfurt Exchange, please contact

Other considerations:

The process for going public is fast (3-5 weeks) and not subject to listing requirements and fees associated to your local markets, due to the organizational consulting by Our reorganization plan will extinguish the local expenses and regulations and deliver the capital and liquidity your shareholders should have in Euro currency. By listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange using, you will have ongoing access to market professionals, IR companies, and institutional investors. Road shows within Europe are not only effective at assisting companies to raising 1 million euro to 10 million euro, but essential for the long-term liquidity of your company.

Taking a primary listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is an essential component to your companies success moving forward. is also associated to, and which have an in depth network of companies and financers that can assist you to raise capital once you have dual listed into the other markets. Start with listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange today, contact

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