IPO’s and Going Public In Europe Made Easier By IFXBG, the FSE Listings and Berlin Stock Exchange Listings Consortium – List Fast, Finance Fast and stay at the front of the Stock Markets!

IPO’s and Going Public In Europe Made Easier By IFXBG, the FSE Listings and Berlin Stock Exchange Listings Consortium – List Fast, Finance Fast and stay at the front of the Stock Markets!

FSE Listings Inc, as part of the International Financial Exchange and Banking Group, IFXBG Limited consortium have been educating companies and investors on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, German Market, UK Markets, and Canadian markets for over 15 years as a consortium.

Recent changes by the Frankfurt Stock Exchange only help the firms who are doing business on Frankfurt and in Germany, where by a prospectus is required and a higher level of transparency. The positive outcome of these changes will include:

  • Higher faith of investors both institutional and retail
  • Offerings which have a broader based on investors enabling more capital to be raised under the EU prospectus directive
  • The ability to qualify immediately for Bond financing in access of 5-100 million euro
  • The ability to utilize our network of over a 100 Billion USD in funds, Banks, Brokers, and high-net worth investors
  • Higher Liquidity and continual trading

As the Frankfurt Stock Exchange has described, the central roles of an exchange is raising of capital for companies of the “real economy.”

This real economy has been the motivation of our business as listing specialists, to help firms avoid the untruthful promoters and firms who claim to be able to assist your firm but have not been able to accomplish your goals because what they didn’t inform you that transparency, substance, and due diligence are a real part of this economy.
In addition to real economies are the benefit of “real markets” where there is the ability to promote the shares of your firm openly, increase trading volume, and widen the base of investors in your firm.
The new regulations in the financial sector (Basel 3, EMIR, MiFID2) have driven European Stock Exchange Listings to build sustainable platform’s for raising capital in order to ensure growth, wealth, and employment.

IFXBG Limited (www.ifxbg.com) have the ability to list firms, finance, bond, and grow on the European Regulated and unregulated exchanges. As a licensed broker dealer, IFXBG can file prospectus documents through the FSA registration and meet the European Directive and requirement of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. As a Financial Institution by definition, there is few better partners to work with in Europe for financing your company and listing. Unlike a simple Law firm, who has the capacity to advice, a registered broker dealer meets all of the new requirements of regulated markets in Europe for listing, filing, raising capital, and prospectus directives.

In order to build confidence with the investor, you need to work with professional teams that build confidence through their experience, status, and professionalism.
Our firm ensures your listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Berlin, or Primary Market where you are listed has continual tradability and high liquidity, financing, and market support.

Our firm has been active with listing companies and representing our consortium on the following markets:

  • Berlin Stock Exchange
  • Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Deutsche Bourse)
  • GXG Markets
  • Plus Markets
  • TSX.V
  • CNSX

In addition, we can participate in financing companies utilizing our Bond financing on all major designated stock exchange markets, excluding the US OTCBB which is not an exchange by definition.

If you are listed on the ASX, TSX, JSE, FSE, BSE, LSE, AIM, or any other major market and require financing, you can contact us today to see if you qualify by contacting Ryan@ifxbg.com.

With the possible discontinuance of the First Quotation Board (FQB) alternative markets we have been able to list and finance companies within include www.berlinstockexchangelistings.com, our counterpart for listing firms in Berlin. Info@bselistings.com.

In order to give your shareholders the opportunity to sell their shares via the exchange, we have been able to assist in building markets, cross trading, dual listing, and switching the primary listing for firms to meet the demands of the company, liquidity, and growth.

The most immediate solution is hiring our firm to develop a EU prospectus document, third party valuation, and identify the best market to list on and go public for your firm.
An IPO and going public requires an investment bank, as a full service listing, investment bank, filing, and listing firm, your best choice is with IFXBG, the FSE Listings and Berlin Listings Consortium, and our network of over 100 billion in institutional investors!

Contact Ryan@ifxbg.com to qualify your firm and begin the listing process today!