FSE Listings Indicator: Now is the right time to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange indicates the Deutsche Börse IPO Indicator which Shows Increase in Issuing Activity More IPOs expected

Based on global surveys and research FSE Listings Inc compiled data over the last 3 months suggesting IPOs would increase based on the Private Equity Market as disclosed in our last post. IPOs increasing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is further supported by the Deutsche Börse themselves who recently published the IPO indicator for the 3rd quarter of 2010 mid-August.Assumptions from the indicator point to volatility going back down, in connection with rising share prices in IPOs, it appears the environment for IPOs is improving.

The IPO indicator, which is published each quarter, is an important measuring instrument for companies seeking capital that aim to go public and that are looking for the right moment to enter the capital market. The indicator is compiled from surveys of market participants and calculations by the Technical University in Munich using Deutsche Börse trading data.

“If you take a closer look at the results of the survey, the fact that issuer sentiment has improved much more than that of other market participants particularly stands out. This development is primarily due to the upward movement in the valuation level. That, in conjunction with falling volatility could form a good basis for increasing issuance momentum,” said Professor Christoph Kaserer from the Technical University in Munich.

Based on the statements of the Deutsche Börse IPO indicator, it appears the IPO climate within Germany and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, as well as Europe, is increasing and revealing the right moment to enter the capital market could be now or in the very near future. If you would like to prepare for listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, then you should contact FSE Listings Inc, info@fselistings.com.

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