FSE Listings: If you are an Energy Company looking to get listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange now is the time

If you are an Energy Company looking to get listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange now is the time, as it is in one of the leading sectors for listing companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The combination of Energy and the Environment have been very successful within the growing green index of the Frankfurt Exchange.

Several successful firms have listed in both the Energy and Engineering sector that lead to buyout’s of  firm’s assets for high valuations such as the takeover by Grupo ACS of Hochtief in June.

There are two main methods to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the Regulated Market (General and Prime Standard) and the Open Market.

Regulated Market Renewable Energy Companies

Aside from the most recent IPO of United Power Technology AG, here are some of the historical listings within the sector:

3W Power S.A. GG00B39QCR01 3W9
systaic AG DE000A0JKYP6 SJK
SMA Solar Technology AG DE000A0DJ6J9 S92
Roth & Rau AG DE000A0JCZ51 R8R
centrotherm photovoltaics AG DE000A0JMMN2 CTN
EnviTec Biogas AG DE000A0MVLS8 ETG
SFC Energy AG DE0007568578 F3C
Centrosolar Group AG DE0005148506 C3O
VERBIO Vereinigte BioEnergie AG DE000A0JL9W6 VBK
CropEnergies AG DE000A0LAUP1 CE2
BDI – BioEnergy International AG AT0000A02177 D7I
aleo solar Aktiengesellschaft DE000A0JM634 AS1
Phoenix Solar Aktiengesellschaft DE000A0BVU93 PS4
COLEXON Energy AG DE0005250708 HRP
Q-Cells SE DE0005558662 QCE
Conergy AG DE0006040025 CGY
SOLON SE DE0007471195 SOO1
REpower Systems SE DE0006177033 RPW
farmatic biotech energy AG DE0006051923 FBE
Nordex SE DE0005873574 NDX
sunways AG DE0007332207 SWW
Energiekontor AG DE0005313506 EKT
a.i.s. AG DE0006492903 LUM

Open Market (First Quotation Board)

The main listing requirements for the First Quotation Board are:

  • Free float requirement (at least 30 initial shareholders)
  • Minimum share capital of 500,000 Euro
  • An ordinary share par value of 0.10 Euro
  • An Issuer Data Form with supporting documents, such as Business Plan, 5 year projections, Auditor Verification of the details of the Opening Balance Sheet and share capital, etc.

A prospectus is not required, the issuer data form and supporting document, in addition to the share capital sufficiently clear the firm for listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The listing therefore does not require clearing through BaFin, where a prospectus does. The Issuer Data From pertains to where there is no public offering, that the company is primarily raising capital through Private Placement and exemptions that allow for capital to be raised. Some of these exemptions could include, owners of companies, investors with capital to invest over 50,000 euro, frequent investors categorized as Qualified, Sophisticated, and Accredited investors. The subscription agreement and jurisdiction therefore covers these requirements and the method of retaining the investors.

A Frankfurt Stock Exchange BaFin prospectus is applicable, where the Issuer Data Form allows for the companies to contact institutional investors and high-networth investors, the institutions are often limited to investment to companies that have successfully filed with BaFin a prospectus. A prospectus ranges from 30k-80k Euro on average, and depends per company and what is required by the Investment Bank and Broker Dealer. It is often not as simple as just building one to have one, this is partly why many companies build it after listing and at the requirement of a firm who will commit money. Meeting these firms are usually done through Roadshows, contacting investment bankers and designated sponsors over the Internet in Germany is probably the most ineffective way to progress. The best is to hire a firm, such as FSE Listings Inc’s partners to personally deliver the contacts to you and discuss the goals and requirements to invest in your firm after listing.

Here is a list of Open Market Energy Firms:

Company ISIN Symbol
Solamon Energy Corp. CA83409Y1088 SSL
Man Oil Group AG CH0126050563 8MO
Texas Oil & Minerals Inc. CA8825971077 T0M
Asia Euro Oil PLC GB00B66VKP31 AEY
Orient Energy & Logistics Holdings Ltd. IM00B3ZRRN83 288
African International Energy PLC GB00B5VS7Q20 7AE
Celestial Green Ventures PLC IE00B40K0M99 9CG
Clean Bioenergy Inc. CA18451L1094 CJ7
Nozomi Tec PLC GB00B3QXH026 7NO
Rototec Geothermal Energy PLC GB00B43H8V25 RGE
GeoTech Oil Exploration Inc. CA37364A1093 P19
First Global Energy PLC GB00B4QXPT47 1GX
The Free Gas Guys Inc. CA35613T1012 2FG
BiogasPark N.V. NL0006195455 BPK
First Newgate Petroleum Resources Co. Ltd. CA33583B1013 91P
Integral Bioenergies Systems Corp. CA45823X1078 8IB
Cubo Energy PLC GB00B3KBZY25 3CU
Texas Petroleum Inc. CA8826521004 6TP
Bebra Biogas Holding AG DE000A0Z23D3 EBG
Sahara Petroleum Exploration Corp. CA78710G1019 2S6
DTB – Deutsche Biogas AG DE000A1E8988 DB9
World Energy Holdings and Research PLC GB00B50QMR32 0WE
Black Hawk Petroleum Inc. CA0920861071 9BH
San Miguel Geothermal Power Co.Ltd. CA7991121079 G2S
Allgreentech International Plc GB00B65SNJ08 V7E
True Green Energy Group Corp. CA8724191066 TGG
Greenworld Wind Power Co. Ltd. CA39741T1084 GWD
First Pacific Oil & Gas Corp CA33600A1021 C2G
Global Crown Solar Power Co.Ltd. CA37950T1084 GPC
PA Power Automation AG DE0006924400 PPA
Southeast Asia Renewable Power Company Ltd. CA84131R1064 SRL
Alumifuel Power International Inc. CA02220Q1028 9AP
China Zongbao Clean Tech Ltd. GB00B3YGKN73 ZEC
Pure Biogas Solutions PLC GB00B3W0RM97 CPB
International Solar Systems PLC GB00B51QYG55 LIA
Prairie West Oil & Gas Ltd CA73971R1029 1WP
Greenwave Bio Ltd. GB00B688NW04 3G0
Global EcoPower S.A. FR0010519082 GOP
Primex Oil Production Inc. CA74163Y1034 YPO
Curcas Oil NL0009805621 CCZ
Emission & Power Solutions Plc GB00B439T609 EPI
United States Oil & Gas Corp. US91232R1095 NG5B
Alternative Petroleum Technologies S.A. LU0406893205 WRR
Sunseeker Energy Holding AG CH0047348336 SU0
Global power efficiency AG CH0043526547 GPE
Petro Novus AG CH0044583075 GMS
Aragon Energy AG CH0042948478 EEN
Synthion AG CH0043231536 SYG
Transglobal Energy Resources AG CH0038943368 B98
SolarHybrid AG DE000A0LR456 SHL
Sonne + Wind Beteiligungen AG DE0005870919 SYW
Northwest Oil & Gas Trading Co. Inc. US6677131012 ANN
Pan Minerals Oil & Gas AG CH0035954954 5PN
Cleantech Invest AG CH0034183175 4CT
Global Oil & Gas AG DE000A0LA379 3GO
Infinite Energy Holding AG DE000A0TGNC4 5VP
Alter Energy Group AG CH0032424969 39F
BK Oil AG CH0032788355 3BK
Uranio AG CH0028827852 UAI
Bioenergy Capital AG DE000A0MF111 BIY
Flora EcoPower Holding AG DE000A0HHE38 ECO
Lichtenergiewerke AG DE0006622103 LI6
Octagon Energy AG DE0005462709 O7J
Accel Energy AG CH0026238243 ACY
Genesys Wind AG CH0026738093 GJ1
Biogas Nord AG DE000A0HHE20 BG8
Solarvalue AG DE000A0B58B4 SV7
Kofler Energies Power AG DE000A0HNHE3 R7U
Solarpraxis AG DE0005495477 SPA
Heliocentris Energy Solutions AG DE000A0HMWH7 H2F
Hamburgische Immobilien und Energie Invest AG DE000A0JJTG7 H1I
Tauris Solar AG DE000A0HNJ76 T9S
SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG DE0007568578 F3C
Solar² AG DE000A0LYDD3 S2RK
Oil & Gas Capital AG DE0001644391 C7B
Payom Solar AG DE000A0B9AH9 P1Y
Biopetrol Industries AG CH0023225938 B2I
EOP  Biodiesel AG DE000A0DP374 E2B
Solar Millennium AG DE0007218406 S2M

Next Steps Your Firm Should Take…

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  • Reasons for wanting to list
  • Description of Business
  • Website if available

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