FSE Listings: Common Questions Asked for Listing Mining Companies on The Frankfurt Stock Exchange with FSE Listings by Robert Russell

Common Questions Asked for Listing Mining Companies on The Frankfurt Stock Exchange with FSE Listings by Robert Russell

  1. Are we required to file a 43-101 report on the mining properties? No, that is a requirement of the Canadian markets only. Unlike the TSX, the FSE Listings are not regulated with regards to resource estimates, however, it is important that the reference to resources such as inferred, proven, historical, etc, have reports to back-up the use of these terms or at least opinions.
  2. Is there an appetite in Frankfurt for mining companies: Commodities are at an all time high, there is a market for industrial metals, projects in production, and those that have already had significant investment into them. Greenfields can be listed, but it takes longer to gain confidence and interest, it will mainly depend on your management team in this case.
  3. Do you have examples of mining companies listed: Several dual listed firms and recently primary fse listed firms. However, we are bound by confidentiality and cannot list them on the web. If you qualify as a client, we will disclose only information we can under our NDAs and approval of our clients.


Other common questions asked to FSE Listings Inc, by Robert Russell:

How many Canadian dollars does it cost to list with FSE Listings Inc – Generally $85,000 or 60,000 euro depending on the conversion from euros. Prices vary for services delivered.

Are the shares 100% deliverable and free trading when a company is made on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange by FSE Listings Inc – Yes, the shares are all free trading in the company and your team of investors will own all of the shares upon the initial listing.

Do you guys provide market making with FSE Listings– Market making for clients are done by registered designated sponsors. Contracts for the sponsors to list the firms are offered with our services.

Do you provide financing with FSE Listings – Through Deutsche Capital Partners, financing options are available from $1 million to $500,000,000. We can provide roadshows (20k euro) with institutional investors, Equity Lines of Credit based on a Private Equity structure from market volume, on occassion we introduce private equity brokers and assist in the development of IMs and Prospectus documents for broker lead financings.

Do you provide IR on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange – We work with firms that do the PR for the some of the top DAX listed firms, we can make introductions as part of the Roadshow budget which can lead to your success as a FSE Listed firm and liquidity for your shareholders.

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