FSE Listings

Company formation, company registration, and proper Lawyer incorporation of the UK PLC is a relatively cheap portion of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange listing process. Cheap incorporation with FSE Listings has a dual purpose, the company formation is done to meet all of the registrar and transfer agents due diligence protocol for listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The fact is, that if you attempt to incorporate or form a company on your own, you will likely create the wrong the articles, resolutions, and documents. This will cost you 2-3 times later when you go to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the transfer agent and corporate secretary require changing and reforming your firm’s documents. With our incorporation process, it is specifically done by the persons who do the due diligence for registering your company for listing, thus there is no addition due diligence fees, no additional cost of reforming the business. Our business incorporation services are specifically oriented towards Frankfurt Stock Exchange listings and future listing onto the AIM (Alternative Investment Market) or other stock exchanges.

FSE Group of companies and FSE Listings Inc owned by Mark Bragg, Ryan Gibson, and Robert Russell has listed more companies as a team than any of the other competitors within this market. In addition, building a UK PLC ready for listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is under 2,000 pounds sterling, including all of the documentation. Going public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is 60,000 euro utilizing the company formed, and takes 3-6 weeks to complete.

If you would like to raise capital for your firm and develop an exit strategy that involves eventually going public, you should be forming your business with FSE Listings Inc.

The best possible exit strategy and the fastest is a Frankfurt Exchange Listing:

PLC – FSE Listings assists in the formation of your Public Limited Company for listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Our corporate financial advisors registered within the UK and Ireland will create your Frankfurt Listings specific firm with:

–          Articles of Incorporation

–          Company Name Registration

–          Company Registration with Company House UK

–          Resolutions accepting the listing

–          Resolutions for the issuance of shares

–          Asset and corporate merger for shares

–          SH01 Form filed

–          Special provisions which will assist in running the public company

–          Par value acceptable to the Frankfurt Exchange

–          Required Capital Equity and issuance of shares for the Frankfurt Exchange

–          Utilize the appropriate FSE Law’s and regulations

–          Prepare the ISIN

–          Register the firm (Register the company) with the Exchange

FSE Listings