Frankfurt Stock Exchange is one of the most preferred stock exchanges to list in the world for SMEs

The future of private equity is high with the global uncertainty forcing several companies small and large to consider going public on the stock market to find the available public funds that the Banks have a tight hold on.

With the financial crisis many companies have found themselves with less than adequate funds and the need to list as soon as possible. The problem with going public has always been the time it takes to go public, of which it can take 6 months to 2 years, accept for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The US OTCBB market takes up to 12 months on average at the moment due to delays within the DTC market and changing rules and views that are more opinions than documented law within the US.

The best market by far for listing is the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, of which the electronic trading platform and streamlined admissions allows for companies to list in 3-6 weeks. This is due mainly to the efficiency of the Deutsche Bourse Group. As the 3rd largest financial market in the world, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is ideal for new businesses to list for capital. The European market has not been hit as hard as the economists have projected as the diversity within the EU has actually made the financial crisis easier to manage on a Country by Country basis, than the very large unmanageable nature of the US financial crisis. In simple terms, the US is much more difficult an economy and market to manage at this time due to the potential volatility than the relatively low volatility of a couple struggling member states in the EU.

The success and strength of the German Economy in any event makes for a bustling investment community of which new companies can benefit from available capital and exposure in Europe in general.

The future of private equity is in Europe for companies in the US, Canada, Australia, and EU member states who are preferential investment communities within the developed world.

Within the Developing world, the BRIC economic development group and South Africa are preferred private equity investments. That is Brazil, Russia, India, and China, with South Africa as the lead in the African nations.

If you are a firm looking to go public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as quick as possible so as to achieve your private equity goals, than you should contact today with a description of your business and the desired timeframe to go public.

We can take your firm public on a European Stock Exchange in 3-6 weeks, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the best market for any Small to Medium Sized Enterprise globally for cost, time-to-list, and access to capital. We have made it our business to help you, make it your business by letting us take you to the next level of listing your firm to become financed.

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**Peripherally, we covered our opinion on the US markets versus the European Markets, and the future stability in Europe over the US. The timeframe to list on stock exchanges globally, and the fact that the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the fastest and best choice for SMEs globally. Find the venture capital and private equity you desire by listing with FSE Listings,