Choosing The Frankfurt Stock Exchange for Your Canadian Technology Company to Go Public

The technology boom is back, there are $100,000,000 IPOs and bullish investment back into the stable tech stocks that made the industry. The reality is that Venture Capitalises will tell you that they can’t invest in your firm unless your company is already public. Most firms get sucked into this meaning that they have to raise $200k, outlay all the capital to experts and go through the long arduous process of listing a technology company on Nasdaq or AIM which may never get approved or happen. The uncertainty of listing is now taken away when you are dealing with the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings. The reality is that only FSE Listings Inc can list public companies in 3-6 weeks due to their market professionals and team who is familiar with IT companies and Green Technology.

Within the first week we will have built the structure, week two you will have all the corporate documents in order, and week 3-5 your application is submitted and processed and you will become a publicly traded company that Venture Capitalists can now invest into.

Technology companies really should not consider any alternatives when the Frankfurt Stock Exchange provides the perfect platform and an audience of investors. Typically speaking, the volume of companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is among the highest in Europe and North America as the Third Largest exchange group in the world, Deutsche Borse. With 5.2 trillion euro in transactions per annum, the concept of listing should be a really hard consideration before looking at another exchange. If you want to consider listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange but are not yet convinced, contact and we can walk you through the process step by step and the timeframe and help you make the best decision before talking to anyone else.

FSE Listings Inc guarantees the success of your listing!

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