Choosing the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for Your Canadian Biotech Company to Go Public

Choosing the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for Your Canadian Biotech Company to Go Public

Biotech within Canada has been a work in progress that has brought some of the best serial entrepreneurs of its kind forward from Vancouver Canada to Toronto and Montreal, to the Maritimes.

They all share in the progress of network, Genome theories and practice, ICT integration with health sciences and biology, the very innovation that relies on Government subsidies, grants, and public funding. The reality is that most projects don’t get the recognition, the time to market, commercialization funds required as the projects begin going into the buy-out and large corporate arena with their advanced research and development. The projects either don’t get more funding or become part of a bigger company for much less than they are worth stand alone.

The access to capital is therefore just as much of a challenge for these companies as any other, and in one of the most important fields globally available. Biotech and Pharmaceuticals especially suffer from the small research team with great ideas and no way to raise capital phenomenon. The reality is that the process to legally allow for a company to raise capital takes capital, and the more capital it takes the less chance the Biotech firm has of going public or getting themselves out of the conundrum most face.

However, in every deal there is at least 2 people who are investors with the know how, and the funds to do so. In every project however, the main owner of the company needs to make the decision to go public and allow the funders, backers, or founding team to finance them past the go public stage so that the larger funds and institutions will look at investing in the potential before getting gobbled up by the majors. By going public, the sticker value of the firm is instantly raised to the potential and not the “investment in to date” on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange which is why it is such an attractive market for Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies.

Being able to take a company public in 3-6 weeks on an RRSP eligible exchange for under $100,000 is unheard of in Canada, and globally. Especially when that exchange is the 3rd largest financial market in the world with over 5.2 trillion euro in transactions.

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