BSE Listings (Berlin Stock Exchange Listings) joins FSE Listings and IFXBG as one of the larger European Stock Market Listings Consortiums

BSE Listings (Berlin Stock Exchange Listings) joins FSE Listings and IFXBG as one of the larger European Stock Market Listings Consortiums
For Immediate Release
February 9th 2012

BSE Listings ( though IFXBG ( provides specialist financial services which are delivered by distinct business units, each with their areas of expertise in order to supply a complete Investment Bank experience in Europe. IFXBG has an FSA registration with a European Passport in the United Kingdom, that authorizes IFXBG activities within the European Union and authorization by the CSSF, Luxembourg to operate as a securitization and structured finance company.

BSE Listings Services: Berlin Stock Exchange Listings performs all of the necessary tasks to ensure your firm is listed on a stock exchange. The listing can be combined with several of the other financial services offered by IFXBG.

Bond Financing: The securitization business unit of IFXBG works with the listing unit to create a securitized bond with an investment grade rating, such as AA rating. The financing of newly listed firms is limited to 5 million euro per public company. Customized bond and finance is available in access upon qualifying and funding the process of building the Bond. The Bond is then offered through the IFXBG Broker Dealer business unit for financing the company.

Equity Placement and Bridge Financing: The IFXBG Broker Dealer business unit has the capacity to design and execute offerings of equity in client companies, provide and solicit for bridge financing and debt financing where applicable, and make private placements on behalf of clients. In addition to the sale of the AA rated bonds, the Broker can perform a book building exercise for the company to raise private equity or post listing services. In general, these offerings are in combination with the compliance department and management unit who would design offering documents, prospectus documents, and reporting.

Mergers and Acquisitions: The senior management team of BSE Listings and IFXBG through their vast network of professional services and clients may be engaged to seek acquisitions and or potential merger candidates. As a full service investment bank, IFXBG can supply the necessary financing to buy-out potential candidates that have been vetted through the qualification process designed. The mergers and acquisition unit combines the valuations department for qualifying mergers and their overall benefit and value, the securitization and bond unit to finance the acquisitions, and the management unit to ensure the integrity of the transaction for both firms and shareholders. Mergers and acquisitions is truly the pinnacle of the service offerings combining all of the talents of our firm to ensure our clients can purchase revenue producing opportunities, expanding their business exponentially both vertically and horizontally.

Asset Management: BSE Listings and IFXBG alternative asset management business unit offers a broad range of products. This business unit is comprised of our marketable securities and alternative investments to our retail and institutional client base, with a focus on providing professional investments to professionals in the global markets. This includes managing client company shareholder services and accounts, notices, and trading. Our Asset Management investment professionals focused on global markets, leverage the experience and creativity of these resources with tailored strategies for institutional and high net worth professional investors in accordance with such investors ‘investment criteria’ targeted return and risk tolerance.

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