Benefits of New Zealand Broker Dealer

Benefits of New Zealand Broker Dealer

New Zealand Broker is a subsidiary of Licensed Bank, has registered several different companies as Financial Service Providers (FSPs) enabling broker dealer activity from New Zealand globally. The firm is capable of offering the full palette of services which includes trading platforms, clearing, settlement, physical presence, employees, traders, brokers, web development and application pluggin’s and development to cater to your needs. In addition, with several years’ experience in Tax and Trust structures and close attention to privacy, New Zealand Broker can build the ideal structure for discreet ownership of the structure.

The platform and license also enables multiple features which allow the company to take deposits from individuals outside of New Zealand, issue debt/credit cards, run currency transfer and exchanges, participating in the offering of securities, broker dealer services and being able to have a financial advisor service. With all 6 steps followed, New Zealand Broker provides a turn-key solution for a start-to-finish New Zealand Broker Dealer.

The New Zealand Broker Deal Advantage

The New Zealand Broker dealer registration is an excellent way to bring credibility to all of your financial transactions, your clients, and partners by creating a usable entity that demonstrates that your company is a Bona Fide provider of broker dealer services and is registered as such. No longer will your clients and business be dependent on legal interpretations and regulatory exemptions of which you may be operating under as financial advisors or capital firms. Now you are going to be capable of trading, performing broker like transactions, and dealing with the retail market and offshore investors with all the registrations required by the New Zealand government, legalized with apostille for internation recognition. By utilizing Licensed Bank, you will be able to build the entire structure in 4-8 weeks, be registered with all of the requirements to immediately open accounts, and begin trading and operating as a Broker. In addition, compliance services, support, technical application development, and staff can be provided on an ongoing basis.

Why Build From Start to Finish

Several firms are available between $65,000 and $100,000 for already finished legal entities, registrations, and firms. However, often the regulators will require completely new information on the incoming beneficiary, where by purchasing the offshore structure to own the Broker Dealer does not comply with the New Zealand interpretations of the Law. Building it from the beginning is often better and cheaper to do.