Are you looking for a listing agent who can help you list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Open Market?

Are you looking for a listing agent who can help you list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Open Market?

Many clients who have thought they could list their own firm without using a listing agent or service which helps firms list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange often have been disappointed when they discover that it is not as easy as they thought.

In actual fact, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings Guide is a very useful resource for helping to make sure you have a check list in order, but when it comes to putting all the pieces together it is better to work with a firm who has built the relationships, had the preferred status, and can increase a company’s turn-around time by months. With a listings agent like FSE Listings ( a firm can list their company within 3-6 weeks which includes:

  • Incorporation of a UK or European Holding Company to list into their electronic system
  • The asset agreement with the UK firm
  • The capital invested in documentation by the Auditor of the Company showing 500,000 euro shareholder equity
  • The Business Plan submitted to the listing specialists
  • The shareholder registry and CEO statements and representations for the Exchange
  • Contract with the Specialist setup & maintaining of the electronic Order Book on your company’s shares
  • Issuance of an ISIN number
  • Third Party evaluation of shares issued during the asset transaction with the company if required
  • Contract signed with Sponsor for the exchange
  • Submission of all documents to the exchange and representations made
  • Press release announcing your company’s Frankfurt Stock Exchange approval
  • Clearing and tracking of the electronic register
  • Routing and processing of bid and ask orders, set-up of a custodian for trading shares of the company
  • Financing by way of equity line of credit Interested in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • Financing via licensed broker dealers interested in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • Equity and Private Financing Institutions interested in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

If you want to list your firm on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, consider the value of a firm that can put all of the pieces together for you.

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