Advice on Enjoying Your July 4th Holiday

For those who plan on taking the time off this weekend and enjoying the July 4th holiday, I suggest the following:

– Spend less time looking at the negative things in the papers and in life and enjoy the moment

– Holidays come with much stress, let this one be fireworks of excitement for your country not fireworks about yourself or your work or relationships, etc

– Call old friends you have not talked to in a while and wish them a Happy July 4th, hopefully you are somewhere near a location you and your friends can all meet together

– Hold the children close to you in your life as they are your future, teach them the meaning of being a family unit or part of a nation of people who care for each other

– Do something genuinely nice and be prepared to give something away, even if it is your own time today

– Wake up early if you are going to be able to get all of these things done, you can always sleep in on Sunday!

Have a wonderful Holiday weekend, and whatever you do, don’t think about the stock market because it is closed for the holiday!


Ryan Anthony Gibson