The London Stock Exchange is one of the most prestigious capital markets in the World for raising capital and listing your firm. Whether you are an US, Canadian, Russian, Chinese, Australian, African, or European company wanting to go public on the London Stock Exchange, our consortium can assist you in listing and raising capital.

The London Stock Exchange has:

–          Over 1400 companies listed in the main market

–          Combined Market capitalization of over £3.7 trillion

–          Listing is easy and fast on the London Stock Exchange Standard market listing

–          Your firm will be eligible for investment by Pension Funds

–          Lower costs than listing on the AIM market

–          Total ongoing costs are less

–          The London Stock Exchange is a prestigious and highly respected listing with the highest cumulative capitalization of all European regulated stock exchanges, including the Frankfurt and NYSE Euronext

–          Only a 25% float is a requirement

–          Liquidity and trading is possible through the Stock Exchange Listings Pension, Institutional, Broker, and Market maker partners.

Important Considerations:

–          Your listings fees are dependent on your market capital at the time of going public

–          A third party valuation and detailed business plan is requirement, often a prospectus document is advised to assist in capital raising

–          The Stock Exchange Listings consortium is Led and coordinated by the sponsor, the team of advisers plays a central role in the company’s flotation on the Main Market. The run-up to the flotation consists of a series of steps for companies and their advisers to follow. The Exchange works with advisers to make the process as smooth as possible.

Regulatory issues
One of the advisers’ main functions is to interact with the regulators who monitor the listing process and safeguarded investors’ interests.

The UKLA, which is part of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), is the competent authority for listing in the UK and the regulatory body for UK listed companies. It is responsible for drawing up and monitoring the FCA Listing, Disclosure and Transparency and Prospectus Rules that companies must meet. The Exchange’s Admission and Disclosure Standards set out the admission requirements and continuing obligations for Main Market companies.
Interfacing with the Market
To make a success of its flotation, the company also needs to persuade the investment community that its business is soundly managed in line with a robust business strategy, and that the management has the necessary skills and commitment to execute it. The advisers − especially the sponsor, broker and PR/IR company − play a key role in getting these messages across to the investment community

The Main Market listing timetable counting down to admission can be broadly divided into two phases − pre-float preparation and the listing process itself. The following is the “Listing Process”

The listing process
6 weeks -3 months Appoint and instruct advisers and   agree on the timetable.
12-6 weeks Company and its advisers review   pricing issues, host analyst presentations and produce drafts of key   documents − including the prospectus.
6 weeks – 1 week UKLA sees and approves all documents.
1 week – admission The company makes its formal   application for listing and admission. This is granted and trading begins.

Guide to listing on the London Stock Exchange(                         file pdf – 7 MB)
Main Market Continuing Obligations ( file pdf – 32 KB)
Main Market – Key Eligibility Criteria( file pdf – 37 KB)
Dividend Procedure Timetable 2013 ( file pdf – 69 KB)

Dividend Procedure Timetable 2012 ( file pdf – 75 KB)


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