The OTCBB Trending in the right direction, but the slump was forseeable!

Based on the annual historical statistics of the OTCBB, the OTC has clearly benefited from the boom, but the bust was forecasted well ahead of its time. In addition, much of the rubish listed companies where wiped off the quotation system 1999 – 2000 where by over 3000 companies where removed, but the decline in volume and value traded was forecasted after it hit its peak in 2006, of which the 2007 numbers where more dismal than the two years prior. It may mean nothing, or it may mean something… such as the market crash was forecasted by a withdraw of retail purchasing and investment. It is also possible that the cost of maintaining the OTCBB companies has become cumbersome to small business issuers.

Here are the historical numbers:


On another note though, the trend is going in the right direction for 2009, and the outlook for companies looking to list on the OTCBB is apparently less dismal and more promising based on these stats:

Domestic Securities Dollar Volume by Month – Average Daily Statistics
Month Year Dollar Volume
June 2009 $63,183,266
May 2009 $46,826,953
April 2009 $32,366,948
March 2009 $24,455,823
February 2009 $25,156,278
January 2009 $29,254,861
December 2008 $26,292,189
November 2008 $27,564,197
October 2008 $39,164,990
September 2008 $47,442,910
August 2008 $52,989,354
July 2008 $73,552,919
June 2008 $84,675,589
Domestic Securities Share Volume by Month – Average Daily Statistics
Month Year Share Volume
June 2009 1,719,675,046
May 2009 2,235,359,170
April 2009 1,408,249,291
March 2009 1,377,884,863
February 2009 1,098,075,242
January 2009 1,012,717,476
December 2008 747,082,845
November 2008 686,196,608
October 2008 804,474,622
September 2008 947,654,779
August 2008 1,052,438,015
July 2008 1,591,319,193
June 2008 1,313,239,954


Regardless of the current economic woes, the OTC is still an excellent stock market to raise capital and benefit from liquidity. If you are interested in listing on the OTC, please contact Mark Bragg